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A complete list of everything in this website.

A website for those who wish to digest the "strong [solid] meat,"
not just "the milk or meat," of the Word of God. ~ Hebrews 5:12-14

Introduction and Tools

The purpose of my website is to guide the spiritually saved “in Christ” to the offer of "the kingdom of the heavens."  In other words, presenting those possessing the “spirit” aspect of salvation with the “soul” aspect of salvation.  Salvation of the spirit positions one to run the race and qualify for the inheritance of soul salvation, which, if won, allows one to rule and reign with Christ in the 1,000 year future millennium.  In summary the purpose of my website is soul-winning. 

Few of the words in the God's Word commentaries are mine, but commentaries of those I respect as having Gk. epignosis [super knowledge] of The Word.

For those who may not be familiar with the 'find feature' on your computer:

Press "Ctrl" plus "F" to open the "Find and Replace" dialog box; then enter text [word or phrase] into the "Find what" and click on "Find Next."

Hopefully there will be commentary on the subject you seek!  Sometimes an index link is a little slow to react, or you may have to try twice to get the exact beginning of the particular commentary.  Then again, on some computers it just doesn't work.

Important:  My website is set up with a 'hover' tool, a tool that displays scripture by simply placing one's cursor over any scripture reference, without having to 'click' on the reference.  For some computers the hover does not work, so one has to click on the scripture, or often changing the compatibility mode in your computer will correct the situation.

Also one may double-click any word and get an instant definition and immediate access to a pronunciation.  Of course not every word is in this dictionary, especially biblical names.  Try it now by double clicking copasetic

Net Ministries AUDIO Biblical Words Pronunciation is a site for biblical names pronunciations.

Another feature of some commentaries is hearing Strong's words pronounced.  Instead of 'hovering' on a scripture reference, 'click' on the reference.  To the left of the scripture pulled up click on Tools, then Interlinear.  Note to the far right a speaker icon.  Click on the icon and hear the word(s) pronounced.

Example using 'screen shots':  Click on Without Form and Void, then click on Genesis 1:1-2a and the following screen shot is part of what you'll see:

Click on 'Tools' on the left, choose 'Interlinear' and click on it.  Then this is what you'll see:

To hear a word pronounced click on the dim speaker icon to the right.  Voila!  Also one can go directly to Blue Letter Bible AUDIO PRONOUNCE.

(Aside:  Four sites/commentaries embedded in my mind:  1) Why was man created [Why did God Create Man?].  2) There would be no need of the Judgment Seat if there were no 'second aspect' of salvation [Why does Christ Judge the Saved and What does He Judge?].  3) What one does ongoing to enhance the prospect of winning the race for an awaiting inheritance [Holy Spirit – Ministries and Filling!] and definitely 4) [A Key to the Scriptures].)

The Way of Soul Salvation (Narrow and Wide Gates leading to Paths)
Parable of the Wedding Guests (See  (1) The parable of the wedding feast. in this site for a different interpretation of the meaning of the "good and bad.")
Five Parables regarding the Kingdom  (1) The parable of the wedding feast. (See Parable of the Wedding Guests in this site for a different interpretation of the meaning of the "good and bad" and Part II for “called and out-called.”)


Certain Christian intelligentsia of the present dispensation, even though saved and in a position to understand the Word of God, too often seek spiritual discernment in the light of worldly wisdom rather than through comparing “scripture with scripture” and looking to the indwelling Spirit to lead them “into all truth” (John 16:13; 1 Corinthians 2:9-13).  ~Charles Strong of Bible One.

Word of the Kingdom and Satan’s Ongoing War Against Christians LINKS

The following SAFE to open links, in two different formats, are to commentaries on the Word of the Kingdom and/or Satan’s ongoing war against Christians:

The hope (the blessed hope) set before every Christian is simply that he/she may, at the judgment seat of Christ, be found qualified to occupy one of the numerous, proffered positions with Christ in His kingdom.  A Christian — already in possession of eternal life — may or may not realize this hope, for such depends entirely upon one’s faithfulness during his present pilgrim walk (Hebrews 6:3-8).  ~Arlen Chitwood of Lamp Broadcast

The End!

[Disclosure: The banner image at the top of this page is from a website inspired by the late Gary Whipple, one of my mentors.]

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