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A complete list of everything in this website.

A website for those who wish to digest the "strong [solid] meat,"
not just "the milk or meat," of the Word of God. ~ Hebrews 5:12-14

Or, as Gary Whipple would say, "For those desiring a SUPER Knowledge of God’s Word!"


Introduction and Tools

Of His own will He brought us forth by the Word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures.

Therefore lay aside all filthiness and overflow of wickedness, and receive with meekness the implanted Word, which is able to save your souls. (James 1:18, 21)

“Redemption” is THE central issue throughout all Scripture, BUT redemption includes FAR more than the salvation that we presently possess.  Redemption begins with unredeemed man who, because of sin, is BOTH alienated from God AND dwelling on an earth that is under a curse; AND redemption terminates with redeemed man dwelling as a joint-heir with his Messiah, ruling over an earth removed from the curse.

In this respect, God’s revealed purpose for man’s redemption is TO ultimately place him in the position for which he was originally created:  “Let them have dominion . . . .”  And WHEN this has been accomplished, restored man will occupy a regal position over a restored earth, removed from the curse (cf. Genesis 1:26, 28; Acts 3:21; Colossians 1:20).

Anything SHORT of this revealed goal is SHORT of God’s purpose for His redemptive work surrounding man.

The Spirit of God IS in the world today searching for a bride for God’s Son, with the search being conducted among those comprising the one new man.  And ONCE the Spirit has completed this work, the one new man WILL be removed, with a view to this new man being dealt with in relation to the reason he had been called into existence. Then God WILL resume His dealing with Israel (during seven unfulfilled years [tribulation], completing not ONLY Daniel’s unfulfilled Seventieth Week BUT Man’s Day as well).

Let it be FOREVER stated:  Redeemed man has COME into a position from which he can never be removed.  But this same redeemed man, in this position, is directly responsible to his Creator; and, at a future date, he WILL either inherit as a joint-heir with his Lord or suffer loss in the presence of his Lord.  The former will be realized through the salvation of his soul, OR the latter will, instead, be realized through the loss of his soul.


The race in which Christians SHOULD find themselves, in the light of Hebrews 11:1ff and other related scriptures, is a race of the faith (cf. 2 Timothy 4:7).  The “saving of the soul” is in view (Hebrews 10:39), which is what Peter in his first epistle referred to as “the end [goal]” of the Christian’s faith as he runs the race — “Receiving the end [goal] of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1:9).  And the saving or losing of one’s soul has to do with occupying OR being denied a position with Christ in His kingdom (cf. Matthew 16:24-17:5; 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-27).

Most Christians have been taught wrong for years — not necessarily concerning how to be saved, BUT concerning the purpose for salvation and that which lies ahead for redeemed man. AND because this erroneous teaching pertaining to salvation has become SO ingrained within their way of thinking, attempts to present salvation from the correct Biblical perspective are usually met with askance looks, opposition, or antagonism on almost every hand.

(See in this site The Pastor’s Primary Responsibility by Charles Strong of Bible One.)

Thus, it is no wonder that corruption and confusion have marked the proclamation of this message throughout Man’s Day.

Christians talk about being saved and going to heaven, though MOST don’t have the slightest idea concerning what is involved in saved man’s association with the heavens.

Satan, the present ruler IN the kingdom — ruling FROM a heavenly sphere through the Gentile nations on earth (cf. Daniel 10:13-20; Luke 4:5-6; Ephesians 6:12) — knows that the ultimate outworking of that contained in the message surrounding the salvation of the soul WILL bring about an end to his rule.

Accordingly, Satan has done all within his power, over millenniums of time, to destroy this message. And exactly HOW well he has succeeded can be seen on practically every hand in Christendom today (cf. Matthew 13:31-33; Luke 18:8; Revelation 3:14-21).

In summary, the purpose of my website is soul-winning of the saved which requires AN understanding of the Word of the KINGDOM [something very few Christians presently possess BUT upon which this website concentrates].



1. Teachings surrounding the salvation of the soul are, in reality, the central subject matter in ALL of the epistles — both the Pauline and general epistles, from Romans through Jude.

2. A basic, fundamental rule to remember is the rule of “first mention.” The FIRST time a subject is mentioned in Scripture, a pattern, a mold, a TYPE is established at that point that remains UNCHANGEABLE throughout the REMAINDER of Scripture, and it centers on an UNCHANGEABLE structure of the Word given by the UNCHANGEABLE God.

Ref. Word documents, which are SAFE to open: Rule of First-Mention by Arlen Chitwood.docx and Fundamentals of Types by Arlen Chitwood.docx.  

Also 1 Corinthians 10:11a states the manner in which God revealed Himself to man:

Now all these things happened to them as examples [Greek, tupos, types; “Now ALL these things happened to them for TYPES”] . . . . 


Find Feature:  Press "Ctrl" plus "F" to open the "Find" feature where you can type in the specific word(s) for which you're searching and the word(s), if available, will be highlighted on that page.  Suggest starting "find" on this page first before moving to other pages.

Hopefully there will be commentary on the subject you seek!


Important:  My website is set up with a 'hover' tool, a tool that displays scripture by simply placing one's cursor over any scripture reference, without having to 'click' on the reference.  For some computers the hover does not work, so one has to click on the scripture, or often changing the compatibility mode in your computer will correct the situation.

Also one may double-click any word and get an instant definition and access to an audio pronunciation.  Of course not every word is in this dictionary, especially Biblical names. Try it now by double clicking copasetic

For Biblical names pronunciations see Net Ministries AUDIO Biblical Words Pronunciation.

Another feature of some commentaries is hearing Strong's words pronounced.  Instead of 'hovering' on a scripture reference, 'click' on the reference.  To the left of the scripture pulled up click on Tools, then Interlinear.  Note to the far right a speaker icon.  Click on the icon and hear the word(s) pronounced.

Example using 'screen shots' Click on Without Form and Void, then click on Genesis 1:1-2a and the following screen shot is part of what you'll see:

Click on 'Tools' on the left, choose 'Interlinear' and click on it.  Then this is what you'll see:

To hear a word pronounced click on the dim speaker icon to the right.  Voila!  Also one can go directly to Blue Letter Bible AUDIO PRONOUNCE.


Aside:  Five sites/commentaries embedded in my mind:  1) Why was man created [Why did God Create Man?].  2) There would be no need of the Judgment Seat if there were no 'second aspect' of salvation [Why does Christ Judge the Saved and What does He Judge?].  3) What one does ongoing to enhance the prospect of winning the race for an awaiting inheritance [Holy Spirit – Ministries and Filling!].  And definitely 4) [A Key to the Scriptures] and 5) [Participation in the Race].

ALSO some of Arlen Chitwood's books, in their entirety, in this website:

All of Arlen Chitwood's books can be found in Charles Strong's Bible One where he provides a Word Document for most of the books making them easy to copy and print.


Note:  If you desire to print any of the commentaries within this website, click on the link to the Word Document referenced at the bottom of the commentary, where available, and copy/print the Word Document. Try the Word Document link Types and Antitypes Two.docx and Trichotomies of the Bible.docx as experiments.  The other way is to copy the website print, reformat to your liking (lots of work!) and then print.



My name is Pat Groves, owner and editor of this website.  I may be contacted at
My testimony may be accessed at My Testimony regarding Soul Salvation! in this site.
Thank you for entering Koffee Kup Kandor.  Hopefully it will prove worthwhile.

(Aside:  When I reference "in this site" or "in this website" I'm referring to my website, this one you're presently in.  Also on a totally different note, if you've ever questioned why there are so many different versions of God's Word and not come to a conclusion, reference Logos! in this site, and you may agree with my way of thinking.)
Few of the words in the following God's Word commentaries are mine, but rather commentaries of mentors I respect as having Gk. epignosis [SUPER Knowledge] of The Word.
Titles Linked to ALL COMMENTARIES in this Website follow:
KKK Page Titles
The Way of Soul Salvation (Narrow and Wide Gates leading to Paths)
Parable of the Wedding Guests (See  (1) The parable of the wedding feast. in this site for a different interpretation of the meaning of the "good and bad.")
Five Parables regarding the Kingdom  (1) The parable of the wedding feast. (See Parable of the Wedding Guests in this site for a different interpretation of the meaning of the "good and bad" and Part II for “called and out-called.”)

KKK God's Word Five

Certain Christian intelligentsia of the present dispensation, even though saved and in a position to understand the Word of God, too often seek spiritual discernment in the light of worldly wisdom rather than through comparing “scripture with scripture” and looking to the indwelling Spirit to lead them “into all truth” (John 16:13; 1 Corinthians 2:9-13).  ~Charles Strong of Bible One.

Word of the Kingdom and Satan’s Ongoing War Against Christians LINKS

The following SAFE to open links, in two different formats, are to commentaries on the Word of the Kingdom and/or Satan’s ongoing war against Christians:

The hope (the blessed hope) set before every Christian is simply that he/she may, at the judgment seat of Christ, be found qualified to occupy one of the numerous, proffered positions with Christ in His kingdom.  A Christian — already in possession of eternal life — may or may not realize this hope, for such depends entirely upon one’s faithfulness during his present pilgrim walk (Hebrews 6:3-8).  ~Arlen Chitwood of Lamp Broadcast

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Lamp Broadcast - "Salvation" Pamphlets by Arlen Chitwood
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Types/Antitypes:  *
Types and Antitypes Two.docx   * Over 50 pages  
Types and Antitypes  *
Arlen Chitwood's book, Salvation of the Soul, is in this site, all on one page.
But the following chapters are not all on the same page since some of the chapters were placed in this site before the full Salvation of the Soul book:
App. 1  Faith and Works
App. 2 The Hope

The End!

[Disclosure: The banner image at the top of this page is from a website inspired by the late Gary Whipple, one of my mentors.]

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